BUAV animal testing research challenges EC guidelines
The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) has published a report challenging European Commission (EC) ruling on the necessity of animal testing for cosmetics. The report put forward alternative methods that prove all cosmetic animal testing is now unnecessary, claimed the BUAV. The report comes as the European Commission considers whether to advise the European Parliament and Council to postpone a blanket ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals outside the EU. In 2009, animal testing for cosmetics products and their ingredients was banned within the EU. At the same time there was a ban on the sale of cosmetics that had been tested on animals outside the EU. However, a partial exception was granted until 2013 for certain animal tests, with the option of continuing these tests beyond 2013 if alternative were still not available. Buav's report presents alternatives to methods including toxicokinetic studies, which are conducted to obtain information on how a substance is absorbed, distributed, metabolised and excreted by the body, and repeated dose toxicity testing. BUAV senior science adviser and author of the report Dr Katy Taylor said: 'The scientific case for extending the deadline for animal tested cosmetics to be sold in the EU cannot be substantiated. Extending the deadline would both undermine the work already carried out by industry to meet the deadline, and reduce the incentive to speed up the validation and acceptance of alternatives for the remaining animal tests.'