CIBTAC releases new qualifications to meet UK Government requirements
The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (CIBTAC) is set to launch 49 new qualifications this September that will be recognised by the UK Office of Qualifications and Examination Regulation (OFQUAL). Key changes include offering students who have Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) such as NVQs the chance to upgrade to a CIBTAC qualification by completing a four-week short course. Julie Speed, general manager at BABTAC, said: 'We are offering the RPL system to colleges, because the CIBTAC qualification is well respected in the industry worldwide.' The new qualifications offer updated testing, teaching and examination questions in a bid to equip students with a qualification that will be recognised around the world and sought after by employers. 'Employers tend to have a lot of anxiety about students who haven't had enough practical experience. CIBTAC is all about high standards and making sure we examine all students at the end of each course so that they are employer ready,' explained Speed. The new qualifications will also be recognised by UK NARIC, the national agency responsible for providing professional skills andqualifications to over 180 countries. This will allow international therapists' qualifications to be matched against an equivalent CIBTAC qualification, permitting them to work in the UK. The new qualifications will be available on the UK framework on 5th September 2011, colleges and potential students can find out more either through the OFQUAL or CIBTAC websites.