Call for regulatory body for hair transplant clinics
Hair transplant surgeons are requesting that a regulatory body should be created to stop some clinics allowing men having hair transplant operations too young. At present there is no code of conduct or regulation to force surgeons to stick to a minimum age. The issue has been raised after surgeon Dr Bessam Farjo, who runs The Farjo Medical Centre, told BBC's Newsbeat that men should avoid surgery until around the age of 30. He warns that having the operation as soon as they start losing their hair can cause more problems and make it look worse than it did in the first place. He said: 'You can end up with isolated patches of hair. You could end up with hairy temples and a bald forehead, which isn't pretty but is also hard to fix. Thirteen other surgeons agreed with Dr Farjo that they would be reluctant to operate on men under 25. They agreed that the industry needs to make sure clinics are warning under-30s about the longer term risks while giving the best possible advice and treatment.