Concern over cut-price Botox featured on discount website
The US-based discount deal website Groupon has come under fire again from health officials following the news reported by PB in May about deals for cut-price cosmetic surgery. The voucher giant is being criticised for offering cosmetic procedures linked to a 24-hour deadline, including offers such as £5,000 worth of cosmetic surgery reduced to £1,999 in Liverpool and now for Botox offered for £45 in a South Wales' dentist. Sally Taber from the Independent Healthcare Advisory Service, who oversees the register of cosmetic injectable providers, Treatments You Can Trust, told the BBC Wales X-Ray blog that Groupon is breaking the rules around Botox. She said: 'Groupon are going against what the Advertising Standards Authority say. Botox is a prescription only medicine and the word Botox should not be used in any advertisement.' Groupon was unavailable for comment.