Consumers abandon low SPFs for higher protection
The best-selling sunscreen products so far in 2011 were those with a sun protection factor of 40 or more. SPF 40 sunscreens captured the greater share of the market at 26%, while sales of SPF 30 and lower declined from 2010 to 2011. Industry analyst The NDP Group revealed the figures after more manufacturers of premium sunscreen brands took the initiative to launch higher SPF products this year. Clarins SPF products appeared three times out of five of the top selling new sunscreen products for 2011, all of which were SPF 40 or 50. The other two brand in the top five were consumer lines Arden and Kiehls. Despite the rise in consumers buying higher SPF creams, it's widely thought by dermatologists that sunscreens with an SPF rating higher than 30 only offer a fraction more protection than SPF30 products. In Australia suncream manufacturers are not allowed to label products with any SPF above 30, because it is considered false advertising if sunscreens are labelled higher. In June US standards body the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that SPF 50 is now the maximum allowed claim. The average cost of a premium sunscreen has risen from £16.62 in 2009, to £18.31 in 2010 and £19 in 2011.