Eating fruit and veg improves skin tone
It may come as no surprise that fruit and vegetables are good for you, but a new study has found eating more of your greens and colourful fruit can even lead to a healthier complexion. The research, conducted by Dr Ross Whitehead at the University of St Andrews and supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, found that the carotenoid-based colouration found in fruit and vegetables (the compounds that give plants pigmentation) contributes to the appearance of health in humans. The study tracked the fruit and vegetable consumption of 35 participants over a six-week period and found that individuals consuming a higher intake saw increases in red and yellow tones in their skin. Lead researcher Whitehead told HealthDay: 'Our study suggests that an increase in fruit and veggie consumption of around three portions, sustained over a six-week period, is sufficient to convey perceptible improvements in the apparent healthiness and attractiveness of facial skin, conversely, those [participants] that worsened their diet became paler.'