Expert panel appointed to monitor skincare advertising
A new panel of dermatological experts has been appointed to advise advertising standards bodies on approving skincare and cosmetic claims made in adverts. From January 3, the panel will advise print advertising regulator the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA); TV ad standards regulator Clearcast, and commercial radio ad clearance body RACC. The panel of experts will provide advice on the adequacy of evidence supporting claims in ads, both before an ad appears and afterwards if the claims are challenged. The panel includes consultant dermatologist Dr Susan Mayou; Professor Mark Birch-Machin, professor of molecular dermatology at Newcastle University; Dr Robin Dover, independent dermatologist and specialist in skin cancer research; Dr Jack Ferguson, sun product development specialist and Dr Chris Gummer, former senior technologist with Procter & Gamble. This single panel has been appointed in a bid to address areas of disagreement between the individual experts who were previously advising the three different bodies. These disagreements have resulted in some, primarily TV, ads being found to be misleading by the ASA, when they had been assessed and accepted by the clearance bodies and their own experts.