Eye opener for clients in their 20s

Adjusting your lash and brow services to suit the needs of different age groups will keep your clients loyal, discovers Suzanne Braithwaite. This week discover the best services targeted towards clients in their 20s:

Brows Lashes


The brief
Clients in their 20s tend to stick to what's on trend, with full, high-definition brows still in high demand. We tasked HD Brows with creating a brow look to reflect what was on show on the spring/summer 2015 catwalks. 

Treatment advice
HD Brows founder Nilam Holmes-Patel says that this season welcomes the brushed-up brow look: “It has been sported by celebrities including Emma Watson, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Kate Moss, so is perfect for fashion-forward female clients.” She adds, “The look is all about texture, creating perfection and imperfection, so is suitable for all face shapes. The key to getting it right is keeping the brow hair long, while maintaining the structured high-definition brow shape – the overall finish should be simple but still very much a statement.”

Creating the look
1. To create this distinctive look, every hair should be brushed upwards – you want to see every hair stroke. Either make it really extreme or take it down a notch depending on what the client wants, so do a thorough consultation beforehand.
2. The shade of the brow is also significant and should be multi-tonal from bulb to tip. This effect can be created with the brow palette.
3. Use a fine brow pencil, such as Make-up by HD Brows Brow Tec, to almost draw on the hair. This creates precise, fine lines rather than filling in the brows with a block of colour.
4. Finish with HD Brows Colourfix – a brush-on silky gel that tints, grooms and slicks brows into shape. 


The brief
With the spring/summer 2015 catwalks awash with full-impact make-up, including feline flicks and defined lash lines, we set Lash Perfect the task of creating a look for clients in their 20s who are looking for a high-fashion finish.

Treatment advice
Lash Perfect director Christina Jenkins suggests using a 3D effect such as its Russian Layering technique to give clients' eyes a full, high-impact and glam appearance. She says, "Russian layering is a dream look for this age group as it can give a permanent strip lash effect, and also lasts longer and requires less maintanance than normal extensions."

Creating the look
1. Start with a consultation to define the intensity and volume the client requires. Length can be varied to suit the eye shape.
2. Apply under-eye gel patches to the client’s lower lash line before starting the treatment.
3. Between two and six lashes are adhered to a single natural lash. The therapist can build up the intensity, adjusting the volume across the lash line to create a fuller effect.
4. The lashes are applied with specialist adhesive, which is thinner but strong enough to bond the groups of lashes without clumping.
5. Advise the client to steer clear of oil-based products, which can affect the glue. That way they will require fewer in-fills.