Fake Tan Bag launches in the UK
Fake Tan Bag has launched into the UK. The post-tanning bed sheet protector is a competitor to Tan a Sac, which set up five years ago. Both companies produce a sleeping bag that allows your tan to develop while you sleep and protects bedding from stains left behind by tanning products. A recent survey found 81% of people who use fake tan said smelly bed sheets were their biggest tanning gripe. Fake Tan Bag's founder Nola Kinnear devised the product to keep odours and fake tan stains at bay, by containing them within the bag. Kinnear said: 'I use fake tan as I have fair, Irish skin. I couldn't stand leaving fake tan on my bed sheets so I created the tanning bag. It is made from a light cotton so it feels like you are still sleeping on sheets and not in a sleeping bag.' Kinnear is hoping to sell Fake Tan Bag in salons and retail outlets across the UK and in Ireland. The bag, made from 100% cotton, is machine washable. RRP is £25.