Fatigue drives consumer beauty spend
One in ten women is suffering from lack of sleep to the extent that it affects their appearance every day, with dark circles and pasty skin the biggest concerns. Nearly a third (29%) of women try to mask the signs of fatigue with make-up. And most spend significant sums each month doing so, according to new data from Sleep Council, released to coincide with 'National Sleep In Day' when the clocks go back on Sunday. Shadows under the eyes are the biggest concern (56%), followed by washed out, pasty skin (55%) and bags under the eyes (36%). Almost three in ten (29%) women said lack of sleep affects their looks on up to four days a week. And four out of ten (42%) would not be seen in public without their make-up. The average woman spend between £11 and £30 a month on cosmetics, skin care products and facials, with some prepared to pay up to £100 a month and even more. The 16-24-year-old group is the most self-conscious about the effect that lack of sleep has on their looks. Just over six out of 10 complained of shadows under their eyes and pasty skin and half wouldn't venture out without make-up. The Sleep Council Sleeping Beauty survey was conducted this month