Fish pedicure spas set for UK airports
Fish pedicure spa chain Silky Soles is opening fish therapy stations in airports across the UK. Its third site will open at East Midlands Airport on Saturday and follows the launch of a fish spa at Manchester Airport's Terminal 2 on January 28 and another at Belfast International on February 5. The fish offer manicures as well as pedicures in which garra rufa fish gently nibble dry and hard skin from hands and feet. During a session acupuncture points are stimulated to help boost circulation while relaxing the body. Sue Taylor, managing director of Silky Soles, said: 'We are delighted to showcase Silky Soles to a new audience at these busy airports. We look forward to building on customers' 'holiday morale' by enabling them to pamper themselves and relax before leaving for their holidays, something which they may be too busy to do in their day to day lives.'