Fish pedicures face investigation into infection risks
Fish spa pedicures are to come under the spotlight through a government investigation into their safety. Independent UK organisation, the Health Protection Agency (HPA), which was set up by the government in 2003, said it will begin an investigation into the potential dangers of infection involved in the treatment, which has boomed in popularity over the past two years. The exfoliating fish pedicure procedure involves clients putting their feet into a water tank filled with garra rufa fish, which suck off the dead skin. The HPA said it was launching an investigation into possible infection risks surrounding the way the tanks and water are often used by different clients in quick succession. The HPA said it has received several enquiries from local environmental health officers, about the procedure, which is already banned in many US states. The HPA is planning to assess evidence on risks before issuing health guidelines for the treatment. However,the HPA said in a statement that it is not aware of any existing cases of infection caused by fish pedicures in the UK.