Global spa market will be worth £4.6bn by 2015
The world health spa market will be worth US$77.2bn (£4.6bn) by 2015, with growth driven by weight loss and stress treatments, according to a new report. The research from Global Industry Analysts forecasts that spa treatments that address prevailing lifestyle-related conditions, such as weight loss and stress relief, will contribute to market expansion. An increasing need for wellness and beauty treatments, as well as constant demand for basic services such as facials and massages is expected to maintain the health spa industry's promising growth. The report, entitled Health Spas: A Global Outlook, found that the health spa industry witnessed a fall in demand for the more expensive treatment options in 2011 but that spas are now offering more personalised treatments, and aiming to lure customers with spa deals and discounts in tie-up with hotels. Services such as non-surgical procedures for the treatment of excess body fat as well as anti-ageing therapies are expected to emerge as leading therapies in the medical spa market. Spas are also expected to increase the number of shorter treatments they offer - therapies that are affordable and effective, such as 30-minute massages and facials. The report also found that Europe leads the spa industry in terms of revenue, followed by North America and the Asia-Pacific region; however Europe is far behind in terms of spa visit numbers. The Asia-Pacific region is set to further consolidate its position as the global hub for spa destinations, particularly as the hotel industry continues to grow in this region. China is emerging as a promising new destination for spa treatments in the Asia-Pacific region.