Half of UK women would consider cosmetic surgery
Some 50% of women would have cosmetic surgery if cost was no object but only a small percentage (17%) would take out a loan to cover this. The figures come from a survey of 3,000 women between the ages of 18-34, carried out by cosmetic surgery chain Liberate. The poll also found that, despite her recent move to the US, women in the UK still can't get enough of singer Cheryl Cole. The beauty topped the poll as the celeb that UK would most like their bodies to look like. Nearly 30% of women said they would most like their body to look like Cheryl Cole's. Pussy Cat Doll's Nicole Scherzinger was in second place with19% and Angelina Jolie & Rhianna tied in third place with 15% of the vote, followed by Jennifer Lopez with 10% and Victoria Beckham with 4%.