Health Secretary announces review into all cosmetic procedures
Following the controversy over the PIP breast implants, the Government has announced a new review into all cosmetic procedures, including non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers. The new review comes after Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced earlier this week the Government's decision that there is no clear evidence that patients with PIP implants are at greater risk of harm than those with other implants. NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh will lead the review, which will look at quality and safety in the industry and how it can be improved and better regulated. Lansley told Sky News that he wanted to tackle the issue proactively instead of waiting for problems to develop later. He said: 'This is not just important for us in the wake of the breast implant scandal in France? We want to make it a proactive opportunity to look at safety.' However, he assures the move should not be interpreted as an attack on the industry. Keogh said his priority was to ensure the safety of people who undergo cosmetic surgery. He said that while he believes the vast majority of practitioners in the cosmetic industry are professional and well skilled, he is concerned that the sector does not have sufficient systems in place for monitoring the results for patients. He said: 'I will work with the industry to improve regulation and governance and increase consumer confidence.'