Hear it from the winners

The North Nail Championships at Professional Beauty North last year may seem like a distant memory to most of us, but not for one of our lucky winners Ekaterina Klucnikova whose creative Permanent Polish designs hit the spot with our judges. The PB Marketing team were interested to know how Ekaterina got on since winning, and here's what she has to say...



Name: Ekaterina Klucnikova

Category Won: Permanent Polish, International Manicurist of the Year

Competition Won: International Manicurist of the Year

How did it feel being crowned the winner of your category?

I felt amazing, very happy and very proud of myself!

Has winning the competition helped your career so far?


In what way has it helped your career?

Winning has helped me in many ways; It's helped me find a bigger client base and has improved my reputation in the salon I work in - I am also recognised amongst the industry!

Have significant changes been made to your career since winning the competition?

Yes it has! I've been asked by a fashion show and some magazines to work with them on specific projects - a company also approached me and asked if i'd like to be a trainer for their company - I was very chuffed!

What advice would you give to someone who is entering the competition this year?

Do not stress, practice before the competition and have a passion for what you're doing!

Fancy entering for North Nail Championships this year? Then enter here.

We look forward to seeing you all at the show!

The Professional Beauty Marketing Team