International halal beauty market blooms

Sales of beauty and personal care products bearing halal-certification are now worth more than £3.1bn internationally, as Muslim consumers seek more integrity in their beauty regimes.

According to a report by the Organic Monitor, more than 57 certification agencies globally are now authorised to label a product ‘halal-certified’.

While the highest adoption rates are in Muslim countries, the trend for certification is also seeing growth across Europe and North America.

Commonly used animal-derived ingredients such as gelatine and collagen have caused concern, with many consumers from all backgrounds perceiving halal-certified products as more ethical.

Multinational companies Colgate-Palmolive and Avon, as well as global ingredients businesses BASF and CP Kelco, are developing products certified for Muslim markets.

Accounting for around 20% of the global population, Muslim consumer groups are recognised as some of the fastest growing in the world.