Skin Evolution, the UK distributor for Italian skincare company Kleraderm, has introduced starter packages to help spas and salons looking to introduce the company’s Idroderm facials.

The Idroderm Core Kit, priced at £400, features products from the brand’s Idroderm line; offering hydrating and repairing products for dry and dehydrated skin. 

The kit is designed to provide businesses with all products needed to carry out the Idroderm facials.

The kit comprises 16 different products, including the brand’s Collagen Cream, Shea Butter Cream and Collastin Cream.

Among the other products in the kit are the Cleansing Milk, the Tonic Lotion, the anti-ageing Oxalis Cream and the moisturising Collagen Sheet treatment. 

Treatments that can be carried out with the help of the kit include the Idroderm Collagen Facial,created to firm, nourish and rejuvenate the skin and the Idroderm Oxalis Facial, designed to protect the skin against environmental factors and other external stresses and particularly well suited to dehydrated skin.