Turning to the future and shaking up your spa in one go

With the wellness industry set out to grow at a healthy pace over the next five years and expand its share of the global economy*, spas are more than ever looking for ways to get their share of the cake.

Establishments promoting wellness are facing the tough challenge of satisfying a demanding and educated clientele.

The answer to the “why do you go to a spa?” question is not as simple at it may seem. Although relaxing is the top priority, with massage still being the favourite of spa-goers (93% of people**), new and unusual treatments are getting more popular, winning approval from 50% of respondents**.

Aiming to fulfil the needs of all types of spas, LPG Systems, the inventor of the world famous Cellu M6®, set out on a mission to provide high-end spas with a unique opportunity to revitalise their treatment offer and differentiate themselves. Its first ever device exclusively dedicated to the spa market, backed by extensive scientific research and 3 decades of tissular expertise was launched just over a year ago. 

Gentle yet intense stimulation, delivered onto the skin by the patented face and body treatment heads, activates cellular activity deep below the surface to provide quick and visible results, whilst providing customers with a unique sensory results-driven well-being, slimming and anti-ageing experience.

“Since its creation in 1986, LPG®’s objective has always been to provide both relaxation and results” shares Jean-Eric Knecht, head of the Elegance Group, who took part in the taskforce with the LPG® teams. “We completely rethought the brand’s offer for the Spa market in order to address spas’ major concerns of increasing treatment room occupancy and optimising therapist productivity. The Cellu M6 Alliance® Spa technology today caters for the needs of both hotel guests and local clients. Whether you are a destination spa, mineral spring spa, resort hotel spa, business or city spa and even a medical spa, LPG® has developed a solution that fits the needs of your clientele thanks to a multi-faceted treatment menu”.

The standard face and body beauty treatment menu is ideal to attract repeat local customers and boost revenue with endermologie® slimming and anti-ageing programme sales. Customers can benefit from a 10 to 40-minute 100% customised treatment programme, based on a thorough assessment carried out with the state-of-the-art endermoscan application and with more than 20 target areas to choose from.

Its Spa exclusive treatment menu offers both 20-minute prelude treatments and 60-minute extreme treatments.

With relaxation, toning, revitalising, detoxifying to choose from, prelude treatments enable spa therapists to add a touch of endermologie® to any existing manual body treatments, whether they be water, cosmetics or even stone-based. Helping customer discover what endermologie® is all about and boosting additional sales revenue has never been easier!

Providing extreme relaxation, revitalisation, detoxification and firmness, extreme face and body treatments will offer clients a remarkable endermologie® experience, and perfect existing spa packages, by ensuring optimised results.

Last but not least, Spa clientele can benefit from the ultimate endermologie® spa experience by signing up for one of the 3 to 6-day LPG® retreat packages. With a 90-minute daily programme of face and body treatments, spa aficionados in search of intensive detoxification, anti-ageing and post-pregnancy recovery will be won over.

A tailor-made solution for everyone!

*GWI - Global Wellness Economy Monitor - Full Report, October 2018.

**Good Spa Guide 2015