Massage therapy named safest profession
Massage therapists are the most careful business owners in the UK, according to new data. Among small business trades, the mobile phone retail industry made the largest number of claims with 11.8% of phone shops claiming in the last year, compared to an average of 1.6%. Masseur is statistically the 'safest' profession, receiving the fewest claims per business owner out of all the trades covered. The new report from business insurance provider Simply Business is based on the claims data of almost a quarter of a million businesses throughout 2011. Leo and Brenda have been labelled the UK's most careless business owners with 7.7% of owners named Leo and 6.3% of Brendas making claims last year. Among women, June, Gaynor, Naomi and Cheryl were also some of the most accident-prone. At the other end of the scale, Norman and Henry were found to be the names least likely to make a claim out of all the UK entrepreneurs studied. Frances was named most careful female business owner, followed by Hilary. Scotland ranked as the 'riskiest' region in the UK, with entrepreneurs north of the border claiming more frequently than the rest of the nation. In England, businesses in central London are most likely to make a claim followed by Bradford, while the South West was the most careful region of the UK, with business owners claiming less than any other region. (Image: Cannelle - photographer Mark Baron)