NASA research leads to skincare breakthrough
NASA research into protecting astronauts from radiation has led to the development of anti-ageing skin supplements. NASA, along with nutritional supplements manufacturer AmeriSciences, carried out research into supplements to protect astronauts exposed to radiation during space flights, but found that side effects of the supplements developed included significant reduction in wrinkles, age-spots and UVA damage. Subsequently, AmeriSciences has developed launched AS10, an antioxidant and anti-ageing liquid supplement, which comprises 100% fruit and vegetable-derived ingredients, including 'superfruits' acai, cupuacu and acerola. It is the first ever super-league multivitamin and nutritional formula developed from joint research with NASA and the Johnson Space Centre, and is now available off the shelf in the UK through the Harley Medical Group. The AmeriSciences product line also has a wider range of nutritional supplements including the AS10 Life multivitamin. Carlos Mostesinos, AmeriSciences director of scientific and regulatory affairs, said: 'During development we saw significant improved in the astronauts' skin conditions when they used the supplements. He added: 'The skincare and anti-ageing market is relatively new to us, but we are planning a couple of studies to see how the supplements interact with sunlight and other skincare treatments.' He continued: 'We have launched the product with the Harley Medical Group as the primary partner, but they do not have exclusive rights.'