Nail clinic launches search for most offensive feet
The London Nail Laser Clinic has launched a search for the world's most fungal feet. In a quirky marketing drive, the Harley Street clinic is on the hunt for the worst case of toenail fungus to demonstrate the new PinPointe FootLaser cure. Martine and Michael Abrahams, owners of the London Nail Laser Clinic, discovered the PinPointe laser in the US and are confident it can cure persistent fungus in two treatments. Martine Abrahams, who is also a podiatrist, said: 'One in ten people in the UK suffer with toe nail fungus. Anyone can catch it - places like swimming pool changing rooms are a breeding ground for the infection.' The clinic will offer a free PinPointe laser treatment to the worst case submitted and hopes to use the worst entry as a case study to demonstrate how even the very worst cases of nail fungus can be cured by the laser.