Nail salons boom on the high street
Nail bars are one of the fastest-growing businesses on the high street, according to new research. Retail analysts Local Data Company has reported that nail salons made up 16.5% of new outlets on the high street in the past three years. Matthew Hopkinson, a director at Local Data Company said: 'Because nail bars have relatively low set-up costs, they have been able to fill the buildings left empty by failed conventional businesses.' Thea Green, founder of nail bar chain Nails Inc, told the Daily Mail that nail salons have an enduring appeal, as they are fast and affordable way to feel groomed. She said: 'People are working hard and under an increased amount of pressure, so taking 15 minutes of 'me' time makes them feel pampered.' She added: 'Nail salons have the feel-good factor and a manicure isn't as drastic as a haircut or other beauty treatment.'