North/South divide rings true for beauty buying habits
Southern women prefer a more natural make-up look compared to northern lasses who like to slap it on, according to new research by retail giant, Debenhams looking into the regional beauty buying habits of women in Britain. A make-up map of Britain revealed that northern women love the 'more is more' look with fake tan, fake lashes and pink lip-gloss being a staple in their cosmetic purchases. Likewise, Scottish women also followed suit with their love of tanning and bronzers. Women down south, however, are devoted to creating perfect skin with YSL's Touche √ąclat, tinted moisturisers and pore-perfecting powders, among the bestsellers. The only exception is the county of Essex, who aligned themselves firmly with Geordie and Scouser women committed to the full-face make-up look. The beauty research could help salons manage what beauty products to stock on their retail shelves. The study also revealed that the Midlands top-selling product was red lipstick. Meanwhile, Irish and Welsh consumers biggest spend is on eye make-up.