Nutritional therapists 'endangering health'
Nutritional therapists could be endangering the health of their clients according to new research by consumer watchdog Which? Which? sent undercover researchers for consultations with 15 nutritional therapists and rated six of them as 'dangerous fails' because the advice given could potentially endanger the health of the researcher. In total Which? rated eight consultations 'fails' and one as a 'borderline pass'. Worrying advice included one therapist's recommendation to treat cancer through nutrition and to turn down surgery or radiotherapy. Which? said it was also concerned by other therapists' use of 'unproven testing', such as iridology and mineral testing, to identify or diagnose conditions. Many of the therapists failed to refer the researchers to a GP, even though the symptoms they described could signal more serious underlying illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes, an under-active thyroid or bowel cancer. Which? said it would now call on the government to better regulate this industry to stop nutritional therapists putting people's health at risk.