PHAB Standard launches service exams
PHAB Standard, industry standards setting body, has launched online customer service exams for the beauty, nails and hair markets. The PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exams (PPCSE) have been tested and approved by the PHAB Standard board of non-executive directors, which includes The Dorchester Spa's Sally Pedder, Sweet Squared's Samantha Sweet and training specialist Gill Morris. The exams will test all areas of customer care knowledge and standards, as well as skills required to be successful in revenue generation. There are individual tests for different specialists including beauty therapists, nail technicians and spa receptionists. PHAB advises that managers can use the exams to test staff at many different stages of employment, including at the time of recruitment, during induction, during performance reviews and when deciding on staff promotions. PHAB Standard founder and chief executive Nergish Wadia-Austin said: 'Today's trading climate highlights the need for improved standards in customer service and it is often this area that separates businesses from their competitors. The PPCSE result can be printed off immediately and should someone fail it, they will be guided to all the relevant independent industry courses listed on the PHAB Standard website by the best in our industry. Gill Morris, director of salon training firm GMT Tech, added: 'One of the greatest hurdles faced by beauty salon and spa managers worldwide is assessing their staff's customer service standards from behind closed doors. The exam allows the manager to assess service capability, sales technique and etiquette instantly.'