Safety of parabens reaffirmed following US review
Parabens, the controversial skincare preservatives, have been deemed safe by US scientific expert panel Cosmetic Ingredient Review. At a public meeting last week, the panel, part of US trade association Personal Care Products Council, reaffirmed that parabens propose no risk to health when used at approved levels in cosmetics. Halyna Breslawec, chief scientist for the Personal Care Products Council, said: 'The cosmetic industry formally requested that CIR re-examine the safety of parabens as they are used in cosmetics, and we are gratified that the panel has done so and confirmed the safety of these ingredients.' She added: 'Indeed, in December 2011, the Personal Care Products Council requested CIR to reexamine its review of parabens in light of two recent opinions by the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). The SCCS concluded, among other things, that some parabens are safe at current use levels (methyl paraben and ethyl paraben) but recommended that levels of others used be reduced (butylparaben and propylparaben).' Parabens first became linked with cancer when some breast cancer tissues showed small levels of paraben within the tumour. However, the studies that linked these findings to the use of underarm deodorant or cosmetics containing paragons have been widely criticised and are now widely regarded as flawed.