Saks to enter Indian market
Franchise salon group Saks is gearing up to launch up to 200 salons in India. Saks will open its first Indian salon in Mumbai on August 15 and plans to open 30 in the country within five years, with the longterm goal of reaching a total of 200. The master licence has been bought by an Indian company that previously ran a network of 80 salons in India. The 6000 sq ft Mumbai flagship salon will be in a complex called Silver Pearl on a high street in the Bandra West area of Mumbai, with retail outlets, jewellers and restaurants nearby. The first salon will have a team of 40 staff to offer the full range of Saks hairdressing and beauty services, and will also have four doctors and dermatologists on-site, offering advanced beauty treatments and injectables. Saks managing director Stephen Kee said: 'The master licensees love everything about Saks, and part of the appeal is that we're a western brand. Western hairdressing, and specifically British hairdressing, is very popular over there.' He added: 'Because British hairdressing is the best in the world, and our beauty industry is so advanced, it's particularly important that we have fantastic, western hair and beauty managers working in our new salons in India.' Head office staff including Saks's head of beauty will travel to Mumbai to give the new team intensive Saks training ahead of the launch. Saks will launch a training academy in Mumbai after the fifth salon has opened.