Sales of skincare travel kits could end consumers' holiday blues
Women will lose more than £10m worth of liquid beauty products this summer by failing to meet airport regulations. Holidaymakers still unaware of what is allowed through security controls, lose more than 3.8million items every year, according to QVC. A survey by the TV retail channel found that British women have lost over 3.2million litres of liquid essentials. Top confiscated items include perfumes, sun creams and deodorants, with one in three women naming losing beauty items to the security dustbin as one of their biggest summer annoyances. Product exploding in suitcases or leaving a key beauty item at home also gets British women flustered on their holidays and over two thirds of women (68%) leave unused product behind at the end of the holiday in order to save space in their case. Nearly half of women (47%) admitted to not being certain of current airport restrictions and over a third (39%) said they 'risk' taking products through security knowing they could be thrown away. These stats suggest that travel kits with smaller bottle should be top of your clients' salon shopping list at the moment so remind clients popping in for a pre-holiday treatment of the size restrictions.