Shaving still tops men's grooming concerns
Nearly half of men (45%) said their biggest grooming problem is knowing how to shave properly, followed by knowing how to style their hair properly, according to new research. One in ten named dark circles under the eyes as their biggest appearance concern. The research, conducted by QVC, found that the average British man spends 18 minutes a day on grooming. That equates to just under three days a year or 5,105 hours over a lifetime. More than half (54%) of British men admitted that their partners were the main reason they made an effort with their appearance, because they felt pressure to keep up with them in the grooming stakes. However, only 28% said they compete with male friends about who takes better care of their appearance. Some 38% said they are unsure how to take care of their appearance properly and 56% said they would be too embarrassed to ask an expert for tips. Welsh men were most conscious of looking good for their ladies with 71% saying they make an effort for their other halves. Men from the West Midlands spend the least time on their appearance - less than ten minutes a day on average. Men from the East Midlands are most self-conscious when it comes to grooming with 67% saying they would be too embarrassed to ask for grooming tips. David Beckham was voted as the person most men aspire to look like with 23% of the vote. He was followed by actors Daniel Craig and Colin Firth, who received 12% each. Hugh Grant, Jude Law and Will Young also made the top ten.