Smooth the way

The beauty therapist is well versed in treatments to help clients get bikini-ready for the summer, and the number of machine-based treatments now on the market is making that job easier. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to cut through the confusion and clearly promote the benefits of anti-cellulite treatments to new clients to help get them over the salon threshold.

Summer season

“If you are a woman over 30, there is a 90% chance you will suffer from cellulite,” says Sally Atkins, director of Lipo Angel. While this is not something women choose to shout from the rooftops, it means most of your existing clients – and a whole lot of new ones – will be open to the idea of addressing that orange-peel skin. “Women already spend £30m a year on slimming cream so offering an advanced cellulite treatment within your salon or spa business that actually produces results is a must have,” adds Atkins.

Angela Barbageleta-Fabes, chairman of machine manufacturer Carlton Beauty & Spa, says that this is the ideal time of year to promote cellulite treatments. She advises salons to start asking their clients “Are you ready for your summer body?”

“In this way, therapists can provide a solution to client concerns by recommending a package of treatments to prepare them for the beach, including highlighting cutting-edge treatments to effectively target cellulite,” she says.

Syneron Candela marketing manager Dianne Burkhill also agrees it's a great time of year to market anti-cellulite treatments. She recommends clinics and salons come up with a catchy strapline such as “new ripple remover”, if the machine is new to the business, or “beach-ready pins” if it is an existing technology, then give information on why the treatment works.

Marketing strategy

There are also marketing tools you can use to promote your machine. Both Burkhill and Lynton sales and marketing director Hayley Hutchings suggest an integrated approach to marketing, using different channels, including e-shots to your existing client base, banners on your website and social media.

“Invite a local journalist for a complimentary course, on the condition they write about it, and make sure all your therapists are talking about it to their clients – run a competition for the one who can book the most courses,” adds Burkhill.

Hutchings suggests running an open evening to generate interest and raise awareness of a new inch-loss system by performing treatments on one area, such as an arm or a leg, so that clients can compare the difference between that and the untreated area and see an instant result.

Taking before and after pictures is a must as part of a good marketing strategy. Atkins says, “Clients often get quickly used to their new smoother body, so taking before pictures let them refer back to their pre-service shape and skin tone. This will help them chart their own progress and give them the trust to rebook with you and recommend to others.”

Another marketing trick is to offer free consultations, as this way you can speak to clients about what they want to achieve then tailor a course of treatments for each individual. Hutchings advises combining your cellulite system with existing treatments such as IPL skin rejuvenation to maximise results and profit.