Soothing Senses

Jade Burke, Professional Beauty Intern, writes,

Looking at the relaxing remedies on offer from some of the spa and salon brands this month, there are plenty on offer for you to try.  Aromatherapy products are essential to help your clients unwind after a tiring week at work, and incorporating them into your retail menus will allow customers to take a slice of luxury home. These are some of the products that caught my eye this week.

aromaBlissful Balm

Offering clients a simple balm to aid sleepless nights will no doubt be a popular choice. The Deep Relax Balm from Aromatherapy Associates is a suitable companion for clients to keep by their bedside, which will gently coax customers into a slumber due to its relaxing properties. Infused with sweet chamomile, sandalwood and earthy vetivert, the essential oils will relieve nervous tension and promote a healthy night’s sleep, something we all need. Applied directly to temples and pulse points, the apple-like fragrance will fill your clients senses.

Trade price is £8.25. Call on 020 8569 7030

carolRevive and Refresh

Infuse your salon with the fragrant notes of violet and lavender, with Carol Joy’s signature Sense Of Joy candle. The 100% organic soy wax will refresh your salon, and offer a sensual experience during any treatment. The zingy scents of bergamot, apple and peach will evoke summer evenings and will no doubt perk up your client’s moods this winter. Used as an incense remedy, to help soothe customers during treatments, or sold as a gift for clients to purchase, the deep notes of the balsamic sandalwood and sweetwood will warm salons or homes and help to relieve tension.

Call on 01344 887594.

Aromatic Aromatherapy

Bathing products are a great opportunity in which to pamper ourselves, and Germaine de Capuccini’s Sperience Bath Oil range can offer that specialist treatment. The two products, Vitality and Relax, will offer your clients an indulgent at-home experience, with exotic senses that will energise tired bodies. Minty patchouli, sandalwood and Ylang Ylang have been blended to create ‘Relax’, offering customers a rich aromatic oil, to help relieve tension, while ‘Vitality’ has been infused with mandarin and lime extracts, to offer a refreshing alternative. The 100% pure essential oils are available in 100ml glass bottles, making it a suitable product to introduce to your clients. 

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