SpaFinder names trends for 2012
The international spa-marketing group SpaFinder has identified ten trends based on analyses from over 15,000 spas through out the world. A team of experts visited hundreds of spa and wellness businesses, as well as conducted interviews with leading industry analysts to create the report. The trends for 2012 are as follows: 1. Healthy feet treatments - spa-goers are seeking treatments for their foot problems. London is seeing Podiatrist-overseen 'medi-spas' starting to boom, meanwhile in California 100% foot focused spas are opening, and in New York 'boot camps' to improve posture of the feet are launching. 2. Cold and ice treatments - the benefits of icy treatments, including better circulation and reduced inflammation, are one of the hottest trends to watch in 2012. 3. Wellness coaching is gathering steam - spas are in a unique position to help people make lifestyles changes so it is logical that coaching will become a fundamental part of the spa philosophy. 4. Online wellness gaming - with French powerhouse Clarins dipping into the wellness gaming market with beauty-centric Facebook game Spa Life, the spa industry is poised to lead in wellness games. 5. Spa, wine and dine packages - even though resorts are famed for luxury dining and luxury treatments, they traditionally do not come paired together. Until now. Fine-dining and spa-ing are being aggressively packaged, curated and marketed together as never before. 6.Vibration, sound, music, light, and colour therapies - while spas have long used light and sound as ambient accessories. A new trend in multi-sensory, experiential pods that weave light, colour, sound and vibrations is set to explode on to the spa market. 7. The glam factor - the spa and beauty industry is thinking of new ways for time-strapped and clients on a budget to change up their looks with high-impact beauty fixes - walk-in make-up applications, ten minute manicures and quick eye and brow treatments will all be on your menu lists. 8. - the site is said to be the web's most comprehensive resource on the hard science behind spa therapies and is part of a growing trend to hold alternative therapies up to scientific scrutiny. 9. A family affair - spas are aiming to accommodate the under-18s by opening kids-only spas with services focused on childhood obesity to the development of lifelong wellness packages. 10. The 'wow' factor - Seasoned spa-goers are seeking new experiences, so spas are piling on the wow factor to differentiate themselves. From amusement park spas, castle spas, tube slides, bubble baths and themed saunas unusual designs are being unveiled for either a big or small budget.