Speaker in the Spotlight

Session: Exporting - What to look for.

When: Monday 25 February at 10.50am

With: Tristan Lagarde, International Director of Phytomer; Chris Dodge, Chairman for ICD, Jean-Francois Mondin, Vice-President of Guinot, and Sandra Pini, Consumer Goods Department of UBIFRANCE.


What's your background with Phytomer?

I am in charge of the development of Phytomer in Europe, The Middle East and Africa. My responsibilities also cover the brand's online strategy.

What major changes in regards to international development have you been involved in with Phytomer?

I've predominantly led the redeployment of the brand in a number of territories in Eastern and Central Europe, which involved securing new partners. We also have some very promising new strategic partnerships being finalised that will open up new high-potential markets. 

Did you face any restrictions or tricky regulations?

Well, we export to 70 different countries. There are tricky regulations in every one! For certain countries, the rules and regulations "change" whilst the goods are in transit.

What are the basic traps for the unwary of uninitiated?

Do not get carried away. Be careful not to get too eager and overconfident. We are all extremely enthusiastic about our jobs and our brands, but it is important to remain cool headed and realistic at all times. 

What discussions do you hope to provoke with your talk?

At the end of the talk, I hope that those already exporting will go back to their contracts and their distribution relationships, and reconsider each clause and each relationship in a new way, with a renewed rigour and understanding.

What are you most looking forward to at the forum?

I'm most looking forward to the sharing of interesting ideas, experiences and learning from them.

Join Tristan alongside some of the top beauty and spa industry experts this February at the IMF conference. 

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