Speaker in the Spotlight


Conference: Retail Conference

Session: The Voice - Dynamic vocal delivery is the Key to Success (Retail Conference)

When: 25 February 2013 at 4pm

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your career?

I originally trained as a nurse, but always wanted to act, so took the plunge and auditioned for Drama School. After my 3 year training as an actor and singer, I then spent over 10 years in the professional theatre, appearing in theatre, TV, film, radio and panto productions mainly in the UK. Buying my first flat meant I got a ‘proper job’ to get a mortgage – so my creative energies switched to writing and I eventually became editor of Professional Beauty. I worked with the brand for some years so I am very fond of the Professional Beauty history and like to think I helped with its success!

What led you to create Perfect Pitch?

I started by creating an evening Voice Workshop while I was between acting jobs. I had a number of pupils from the BBC and through this started to coach a number of corporate groups and individuals, including sales managers and directors who were required to speak at business conferences. At Professional Beauty I attended many seminars and presentations from companies over the years and realised that the same problems existed in the beauty industry, creating fear in those who had to speak in front of groups. I also knew that sales teams suffered from the same problems: repeating the same information many times with the danger of sounding like a script. When I was a judge for the Professional Beauty Awards I noticed salons and spas sometimes had poor telephone and reception skills that was not creating the best impression.  So after my time at PB I decided to recreate Perfect Pitch and offer vocal coaching to the business world again – this time including the Beauty and Spa industry.

Why do you think it’s so important to adopt the right tone when selling?

It is important to sound genuinely enthusiastic about the products you are offering your clients. Having the knowledge is one thing; delivering it with passion and enthusiasm makes all the difference.

What personality traits do we associate with people who have Perfect Pitch vocal qualities?

Someone who has a passion and enthusiasm for their craft and shows it by being expressive vocally.  They speak clearly, ensure their message is always heard, understood and believed – the bywords of a Perfect Pitch UK course.

How can adopting the right tone with customers add value to your business?

A customers’ first real contact with you will be vocal.  How you answer the phone, then tell them about your products and services, will influence their buying decisions. So communicating vocally with confidence is a vital tool in your business.

Tell us a little bit about what delegates can expect from your seminar?

We’ll look briefly at the technical elements that make your voice coherent and  expressive: like articulation, vocal pitch, using pauses and pace of delivery.  The session is interactive and there will be fun examples to play with and some vocal tips to take home as a reminder.