Speaker in the spotlight: Anna Bjurstam

Q&A with  Anna Bjurstam, VP of Spas & Wellness Six Senses, Director Raison d’Etre and a 2015 Professional Spa & Wellness Convention speaker


1.What can we expect from you at the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention 2015? 

Discussions, controversy and lots of insight!

2. What do you hope delegates will take away from the workshop and from the convention?

From the worlds leading expert gain insight how to – or not to – incorporate and develop transformational experiences in daily operations and with transformational, meaning more medical or integrative wellness focused therapies.

3. What are you most looking forward to at the convention?

As always it is to meet peers in the industry, network, have a whole lot of fun and learn from each others. I also hope to find some future staff for both Six Senses and Raison d’Etre, as we are on the lookout for quite a few and especially spa managers.

4. Why are events such as the Professional Spa & Wellness Convention so important for the industry?

It brings the industry together and enables us to grow, which is only possible if we work together. I always think of PSWC as inspirational, educating and a fantastic networking opportunity.

5. Which are the most pressing issues currently facing the spa and wellness industry?

No doubt it is training, standards and finding qualified managers and also how we will develop with wellness.

6. Which industry trends do you think will be big in 2015?

Wearable technology to find its way into spas, personalized wellness and programs in spas, nutrition finally taking a firm grip of spa services, entrance of brain health in various constellations in spas and also the Spa Finders trends of healthy hotels will continue to grow.