St Tropez signs Abbey Clancy to front sun awareness campaign
Tanning brand St Tropez has signed model Abbey Clancy as the face of its first sun protection range, which has tan-enhancing ingredients for the face and body. The brand held a shoot with Clancy to promote a safe approach to natural tanning. Clancy said: 'St Tropez has always been part of my beauty regime, helping to give me a natural and healthy-looking glow all year round. I wanted to join St Tropez's sun awareness campaign to encourage people to protect their skin while out and about this summer?.whatever the weather.' As part of the campaign, research released by St Tropez shows that a quarter of Brits said they have burnt their skin in the UK, with shoulders and noses cited as being the body parts most prone to sun damage. One in three Brits also claimed they spent at least 30 minutes of any warm day in the sun to top up their tans ahead of the summer season. And 48% admitted they never wear sun protection at this time of the day, despite it being the hottest period. One in three men and women admitted to spending at least half of their holidays trying to get a tan with one in five saying they felt a genuine pressure to return with a tan. Some 86% said they look and feel better with a golden glow. St Tropez launched its first sun protection range earlier this year. The products contain high factor SPFs aswell as melanobronze, an ingredient that helps to stimulate the natural melanin production within the skin, to enhance a natural tan.