Stress, anti-ageing and dehydration named top spa concerns

The 2013 UK Spa Trend Report has named stress and anti-aging as top client concerns, with dehydration heading up the list of skin problems treated by spa therapists during the past 12 months.

The rise in dehydration-related issues has led to an increase in the number of professional treatments and products available to specifically address the problem.

Stress and anxiety, particularly seen in female customers, have driven demand for relaxation rooms and sleep spaces within spas. As such, facilities including veiled tepidariums, waterbeds and outdoor hanging pods have been introduced in greater numbers over the past year.

According to the report, treatments utilising uplifting, revitalising and anxiety-reducing ingredients – including spirulina and ginger, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils – are set to enjoy increased demand throughout 2013.

Free of charge ‘use of facilities’ deals continue to prove popular with budget-conscious spa clients. To target this demographic, the report highlights the trend for businesses to offer packages of skincare products alongside these ‘DIY spa journeys’ to drive revenue.

Wellness is another area set for growth as apothecary-style brands in particular look to offer spas complete health, fitness and nutrition programmes.

Compiled by skincare brand Comfort Zone, the 2013 UK Spa Trend Report gathers information from 800 spa therapists, managers and directors throughout the UK using questionnaires, workshops, conference programmes and interviews.