Tanning salons still breaking sunbed law
Tanning salons are still failing to enforce the ban on sunbed use for under-18s according to Trading Standards. West Yorkshire Trading Standards found that 44% of tanning salons in the area allowed underage consumers to use sunbeds. Trading Standards officers sent under-18s into 25 tanning salons and found that 11 of those allowed them to buy a sunbed session. In April a law was passed to ban under-18s from using sunbeds in England and Wales. Salons found in breach of the law could be fined up to £20,000. Louise Marshall, an environmental health officer working with West Yorkshire Trading Standards, told the BBC that salons found breaking this law would be let off lightly at first. 'It's a relatively new piece of legislation and we are going down the route of raising awareness,' she said. However, she added that repeat offenders would be liable for prosecution if they did not take new measures to enforce the law following an initial warning.