The Potting Shed wins first Customer at the Heart certification
Leeds salon The Potting Shed has become the first business to be awarded the 'Customer at the Heart' certification of excellent customer service. The certification scheme, developed by business consultancy Insight with Passion, has been launched to encourage and reward small and medium sized UK businesses in the retail and service sectors, for their treatment of, and positive attitude towards their clients. The scheme invites consumers to pass on their comments about positive customer service experiences and nominate companies that give them special attention. Businesses with several nominations will then be 'mystery shopped' by Insight with Passion and given a score for aspects such as the customer journey and the attitude and knowledge of the staff. The Potting Shed Spa was recognised for its uplifting ambience, friendly and intuitive staff and little points of difference, such as retro TVs with a choice of DVDs to watch during pedicures. The initiative aims to set a benchmark for SMEs to measure their customer service offer against other businesses and to encourage SMEs to raise their customer service standards. Insight with Passion's founding partner Kate Hardcastle said: 'Customers are not loyal by nature and research shows that emotion influences purchase decisions six times more than rationale. She added: 'It's therefore imperative that in this current economic climate companies ought to be striving to connect with their customers on an emotional level, which is something that can be achieved by delivering excellent customer service and is something which we feel ought to be rewarded when done well.' The Potting Shed Spa's owner Sam Pearce said: 'The Potting Shed Spa has only been open a few weeks and has so much to live up to in respect of our sister business Eastthorpe Hall...We want our customers to know that when they enter The Potting Shed, our employees will work hard to welcome them and earn their trust whilst they enjoy a truly unique experience, and winning this award underpins that objective.'