This month we tried... LipoSculpt

Inch loss in a lunch break - is excatly how I'd sum this treatment up. In 30 minutes the paddles on the LipoSculpt machine can remove between 2" - 8" in a single treatment with permanent effects. The beauty of this product is that it's completely pain free and you walk away with instant results.

LipoSculpt uses a mild low laser treatment to reduce your body's fat. The paddles emits low levels of laser energy that penetrates the skin, making your fat cells "sweat" water, glycerol and free fatty acids. The fat cells shrink and the lymphatic system removes them. It is the only machine of its kind on the market which offers a Dual Frequency, Twelve Paddle system with 136 laser diodes, meaning shorter treatment times as more than one area can be treated at once.

The treatment itself was compeltely painless, quick and actually extremely relaxing. The lasers feel like hot water bottles have been placed around your body. Key areas for me were my stomach, thighs and bum. All paddles were strapped around my body by the therapist, covered with a towel, I was then left to relax (as the LipoSculpt treatment needs no manual procedure from the therapist) for half an hour while the LipoSculpt machine went to work emptying my fat cells.

30 minutes later, you could see an instant affect. My bum was perkier (the bum lift procedure has been perfected by LipoSculpt), and my stomach showed definition - I was compeltely amazed at the effect in such a short space of time. Nigel, LipoSculpt's MD, ensures before and after photos are taken even after just the one treatment as the difference is quite amazing too see! I lost an incredible five and a half inches... with pictures to prove it.

My before & after pictures:

photo 1 phot 2


LipoSculpt are exhibiting at Professional Beauty London, on 22 - 23 February 2015 @ ExCeL London on stand T42. Make sure you visit them for their exclusive show offers and see for yourself how the treatment works by watching their live demonstrations.

Visit to take a look at other before & after pictures.

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