Thyme is a great healer - when it comes to acne
A solution using the herb thyme has been found to be more effective at killing the acne bacterium than chemical-based creams. Thyme, myrrh, and marigold tinctures were tested for their effectiveness in killing bacteria called propionibacterium acnes, which infect the skin pore and form pimples. The research was carried out at Leeds Metropolitan University, where student Kimberley Sanderson and Dr Margarita Gomez Escalada, a senior lecturer in microbiology, tested the tinctures, made from plants and herbs steeped in alcohol for days. They found that the herbs were able to kill a number of bacteria. The most effective was the thyme tincture, which shows it could be potentially used for treating acne. Dr Gomez Escalada, said: 'If the thyme tincture is proven to be an effective cure for the treatment of acne, it will provide a natural alternative to current treatments.' The research was presented at the Society of General Microbology's Spring Conference in Dublin on March 26 to 29.