Topically applied Botox to be introduced to skincare market
Topically applied Botulinum Toxin (Botox) is set to turn the skincare market 'upside down', according to Dr Alastair Carruthers, a dermatologist at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, following a number of clinical studies which showcased 'impressive' results. The 11 clinical studies consisted of 553 patients having their lateral canthal lines (crows' feet) treated with the topical product, known for now as RT001, under the development by Revance Therapeutics. The results showed that RT001 is best for treating crows' feet and forehead wrinkles. It also affects the pore size of the skin and helps smooth skin. Dr Gary Monheit, a dermatologist at a private practice in Birmingham, Alabama, US, believes that since the product is mostly absorbed in the superficial musculature (muscles of the face), it could eventually be used on the eyelids and lips for superficial wrinkles and to brighten up dull skin.