Ubertan nasal tan spray faces government investigation
A tanning product designed to be inhaled through the nose has come under fire from The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The government body said it will launch an investigation into the safety of nasal tanning spray Ubertan following complaints from consumers about potential side effect including heart palpitations and the appearance of new moles. Ubertan has been sold online and also through a number of UK tanning and beauty salons. The MHRA said that Ubertan Sunless Tanning System is an unlicensed medicine, meaning it is illegal to sell, advertise or supply in the UK. Users expressed concern that the packaging carried no ingredients list and there was no contact number on either the packaging or the brand's website. The website had previously stated that 'Ubertan is?made from the all natural extract of an Indian tropical plant called the Indian Coleus.' However, all content now appears to have been removed from the site. The MHRA told the BBC that Ubertan could contain Forskolin, an extract of Coleus forskohlii, which is not licensed for sale in the UK. The MHRA is also investigating another form of Ubertan which was found to contain Melanotan II, a hormone that increases the levels of melanin in the body but which is also illegal for sale.