Change of ownership for LPG Systems, maker of famed Cellu M6

Founded in 1986 by Louis-Paul Guitay, the inventor of the first Cellu M6, LPG Systems still operates from Valence, France, its historic corporate headquarters.

Two other French locations, subsidiaries in Italy and Belgium as well as a network of partner distributors present in 110 countries complete the picture. Over the years, LPG has become a key player in the healthcare market, treating issues such as scars, edema, fibrosis and lymphatic drainage, as well as the aesthetics market, with face and body anti-ageing and slimming treatments, thanks to its state-of-the-art French technology.

In September 2018, after 32 years of family ownership, the company, whose turnover grew from €60 million in 2008 to €93 million in 2018, has become part of the Carlyle Group, one of the main international investment funds. The group has strong ambition for the French brand, with considerable investment projects to consolidate its leading position and to continue its expansion with a particular focus on the European and Asian markets.

For the second year in a row, the brand has renewed its partnership with the World Spa & Wellness Convention Asia in order to further develop its brand awareness and presence on the spa market. As platinum sponsor of the previous edition of the networking event, LPG had revealed the latest chapter of its Cellu M6 saga: Cellu M6 Alliance Spa.

Specially designed with the spa industry in mind, it addresses spas’ major concerns of increasing treatment room occupancy and optimising therapist productivity. With its multi-faceted treatment menu, the latest generation scientifically-proven technology offers the most demanding spa clientele with a unique tailor-made sensory results-driven wellbeing, slimming and anti-ageing experience.

In line with its activist mindest, LPG very much aims to provide results and well-being to an even greater number of people, by revealing their beauty potential whilst respecting the human body.