Cryotherapy 101 with World Spa & Wellness Asia Sponsor, Zimmer MedizinSysteme

World Spa & Wellness Asia caught up with Rainer Bolsinger from convention sponsor, Zimmer MedizinSystemeto discuss body cryotherapy and the brand's cold saunas – the Icelab -110 °C and CryoVIP -85 °C.

What is whole-body cryotherapy and how does it work?

Bolsinger: Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) or cryostimulation is a method that uses thermic shock, in our case caused by extreme cold dry air, to trigger a series of reactions in our body.  

Everybody knows about the amazing physical effects of cold reducing inflammation – just think about using a cold pack on a bruise or stimulating collagenous tissue to decrease wrinkles.  

Nerval reaction of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems causes a re-set, resulting in physical and mental release.

Cardio-vascular reaction, during and shortly after the treatment in form of a vasoconstriction, focuses blood flow on the neck and head. After a strong vasodilation optimising the cardio vascular system supplying the whole body, comes hormonal reaction reducing inflammation from the inside, driving a smile on the client's face.

What makes your solution different?

Bolsinger: It is real temperatures. If we say -110°C with Icelab or -85 °C with CryoVIP, we mean the room temperature and not a technical value, which is essential when it comes to effects of the treatment. 

It’s 100% secure and reliable, and durable – the first systems were installed more than 20 years ago and are still running.

It’s also an energy-efficient solution and has a low operational cost, only using electricity. There's no liquid nitrogen or other gas consumption and a heat recovery system is available.

How might spas use your cold saunas?

Bolsinger: There are so many different ways to use it. It can be complementary to beauty and spa treatments, fitness services, leisure and sports, or used as a nice standalone treatment. 

How will you continue to develop the treatment?

Bolsinger: For me, cold saunas are on their way to become the treatment of the 21st Century. Cold therapy has a very long history in medical treatments – whole body cryostimulation at ultra-low temperature was first applied in the early 1980s in the medical field and entered top sports during the 1990s. Now, it is making its way into spas, heath clubs, fitness spaces and luxury private homes.

Just compare the story of the cold sauna with the Finnish sauna. It lasted decades to get a standard in spas but today you cannot think of a spa without one, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. 

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