The Overnight Retinol Repair from Dermalogica is the newest addition to the brand’s Age Smart range and draws on a base of 0.5% retinol for anti-ageing benefits. Other active ingredients in the product include palmitoyl tripeptide-5 to firm the skin, encourage collagen production and work on fine line and wrinkles, and stabilised vitamin C to fight free radicals and offer antioxidant protection.

The product additionally features a combination of polysaccharides and ceramides to moisturise the skin and strengthen the skin barrier. The liquorice root and lavender in the Overnight Retinol Repair, which comes with a 15ml Buffer Cream, serve to soothe and calm the skin, to counteract any irritation the retinol may cause. Trade price: £35.50 (Overnight Retinol Repair + Buffer Cream).