Episode 9: Astrid Kearney on moulding the next generation of make-up artists

Published 02nd Aug 2023 by PB Admin

The Pro Beauty Pod's ninth episode is here, with make-up artist and educator Astrid Kearney joining Lollie Hancock to discuss everything from celebrity clients and Cannes Film Festival to how she writes education programmes for the top make-up schools in the world.

Astrid's passion for art and design shines through, with make-up being her chosen medium. She shares the importance of taking on project-led jobs you're passionate about, and shares what it takes to join her army of "mini-mes"

Conversation also turns to ageism in the beauty industry, and why it's never too late to follow your passions, as well as how her tole as a creative director and educator is playing a part in moulding the next generation of make-up artists.

The pair also duscuss on-set experiences, career highlights with Tom Cruise and Sienna Millier, and the power of a good lipstick.

Don't forget to check out our other episodes of The Pro Beauty Pod, with guests including Amy Bates, who discusses leaving a successful career in the police to transition into beauty, and discusses how to make beauty businesses more body positive and inclusive, and celebrity make-up artist Letitia Sophia, who talks about everything from her first PR package to the work that goes into getting Maya Jama ready for a live appearence on Love Island.

Got a guest you would love to have on the show or a suggestion for an episode topic? Send us an email at [email protected] or leave us a comment below…


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 02nd Aug 2023

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