How to personalise skin supplements for salon clients

Published 12th Mar 2020 by PB Admin
How to personalise skin supplements for salon clients

Consumers are now more switched on than ever when it comes to supplements; rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, they’re looking for their nutritional products to address specific skin concerns. 

Skincare users are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of nutrition on skin quality, according to a 2019 survey.

“The rise of the ‘skintellectual’ consumer heightened popularity for technical, topical skincare during the 2010s and this thirst has now extended to supplements,” says Lorraine Perretta, head of nutrition at Advanced Nutrition Programme. Consumers are particularly looking for supplements that address the impacts of pollution and ageing on the skin, according to supplement brand Thalgo.

In the same way you tailor facial treatments to each individual client, supplements should also be a bespoke recommendation. “Supplements should be included as an integral part of a tailormade skincare regime for your client, and not tagged on as an afterthought,” says Perretta.

Nutrition consultations

“Consultations are key," she adds. "Beauty professionals are best placed to analyse their clients’ skin and recommend the appropriate beauty supplement product. It’s essential to make sure that the supplement brand you stock offers high-quality training so that your therapists can talk confidently about the benefits.”

Not only do supplements need to be selected to complement the treatment you’re offering, they also need to fit in with your clients’ lifestyle choices – for example, you might look to stock vegan supplements, or ones housed in eco-packaging.  

Once you’ve analysed the supplement best suited to your client base, it’s important to work it seamlessly into your offering. “We recommend integrating supplements into facials and body treatments,” says Thalgo’s marketing manager Judith Emslie.

We take a closer look at four of the latest launches in bespoke supplements:

Advanced Nutrition Programme
Skin Moisture Lock

These soft gel capsules combine hyaluronic acid and ceramides to create supplements that lock in moisture for a plump, smooth complexion. Pollution can negatively impact ceramide levels and as a result the moisture barrier can become compromised, leading to thinning skin, dryness and roughness. The ceramides included in this formulation help to seal in moisture at the epidermal layer of the skin and support its natural barrier.
Recommend to: clients booking in for hydrating, anti-pollution facials.
RRP: £70 for 60 capsules.
020 8450 2020 

Skinade Targeted Solutions
Skinade has responded to the demand for supplements that addressed specific concerns with Targeted Solutions, three drinkable supplements. The Cellulite blend helps detoxify the skin from the inside while improving its structure thanks to collagen peptides, MSM, milk thistle extract and bromelain; Clear is designed to combat causes of breakouts, from excess oil to inflammation, with a two-step capsule and pineapple-flavoured drinkable solution containing nutrients including magnesium, vitamin C and omega 3; and Derma Defense offers a boost of vitamins A and D to protect against pigmentation and help build the skin’s tolerance to topical retinol.
Recommend to: clients on body-shaping or skin clearing treatment programmes.
RRPs: from £50–£115.50 for 30-day supply
08451 300205 

Proto-col Collagen Cordial Dark Berry
Collagen is best-known for aiding skin hydration and elasticity but is also great for improving wound healing – the founder James Greenwell actually created the brand following a sports injury after he found collagen was instrumental to his recovery. This dilutable collagen cordial with natural berry flavouring is great for clients who struggle to swallow tablets, creating an easy way to add supplements into their routine.
Recommend to: clients who are new to supplements.
RRP: £59.95 for 30-day supply. 
0333 000 7788 

Collagen Lift Paris Luminous Gold
On a surface level, this was formulated to deliver a luminous, glowing complexion by preventing dark spots and reducing pigmentation. On a deeper level, golden fern extract provides photo-protection against the free-radical damage from UVA and UVB light. The ingredients have been proven to increase skin elasticity and moisture. 
Recommend to: sun-loving clients. 
RRP: 145 for 28-day supply.
+33 664 818 214

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 12th Mar 2020

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