In the Know: Aromatherapy Associates

How can I make sure I really look after my therapists, so they can in turn look after their clients?

This is a question many spa managers ask and an issue Aromatherapy Associates is helping its partners drive in 2017.

The term “practice what you preach” springs to mind: if your therapists are not happy and healthy, how can they help your guests feel that way?

Simple changes you can make include: 

1. Give education: Make sure you make the most of the education your brand provides.

Yes, it may mean time out of the business but therapist who are not confident will pass that on to their clients.

Not only is education key for the business, therapists will also gain more product and treatment experience, including knowledge about how to treat themselves.

2. Live with intention: If your intention is to look after your therapists you’re already halfway there, and there are many small changes you can make to get a head start. Encourage healthy eating in the workplace and look at whether or not you provide healthy snacks or a water station.

Small steps like these can change how staff think about snacking and food in general and a good, balanced diet leads to higher energy levels and a boosted immune system, which means less sickness and better performance.

3. Show that you care: Small gestures of gratitude go a long way: it could be a handwritten card, a thank you email, thanking someone in person or hosting a team breakfast. Make sure you show gratitude throughout the year, not just at Christmas.

Christina Salcedas is senior trainer for the EMEA region for Aromatherapy Associates and has worked in the spa and complementary therapies sectors since 2005. Roles before joining Aromatherapy Associates in 2011 include running her own clinic and working as head therapist and later spa manager for five-star hotel group Belmond.